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Aphex Twin – Syro Album Artwork by The Designers Republic

Warp Records has finally released the full artwork for Aphex Twin’s forthcoming album, Syro. Created by The Designers Republic, the packaging lists every cost involved in the making and promotion of the album on a very minimalistic white cover.

The limited edition vinyl boxset that’s the focus of the above images is encased in a clear perspex box with Aphex Twin’s signature photograph engraved in white, along with puck shots on vinyl labels and a special ‘disinfographic’ which lists all the equipment used to make the album.

Ian Anderson, founder of The Designers Republic, explains a bit more on the concept, based on ideas suggested by James in early discussions about the album’s packaging:

“At the beginning of the process we discussed a few ideas Richard wanted to explore – one was the idea of pressing the album or a single track into the fabric of the cover, effectively as a deboss; a second was to use shots of the raw vinyl pucks albums are pressed from; and the third was to document in some way every cost involved in the production of the specific album format the purchaser had in their hands.”

The limited edition vinyl boxset will cost £250 and be limited to 200 pieces. Syro is released by Warp Records on 22 September. To pre-order a copy, click here.

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