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Spacious Interior Design Agudela House in Portugal

This beautiful house is a project by Rui Cerqueira Barros architects, located in Lavra Matosinhos, Portugal. Inserted in a predominantly residential area, with strong growth in the last decade, the House of Agudela develops a plot of 350 square meters with three fronts, benefiting from a generous sun exposure and proximity to the sea.

The response to the program has undergone an adaptation of the client’s wishes to setup a home with plenty of character building that resulted in a sober and rational. A strong volume, black, where openings are carved, creating light leaks and patios, enhancing relations with the outside world and especially with light from south and west. The body of the garage was built in the house, creating a patio service north and a sheltered walkway entrance to the house, freeing the land to the south recreation area with pool, deck and garden.

The house is divided into three levels, the first being for the common areas, with living room, kitchen, laundry and garage. The middle floor houses the bedrooms and office, and the roof is going to create a second room, more intimate and reserved, which also benefits from a south facing terrace.