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Step On The Court In Pigalle’s New Basketball Collection

French lifestyle brand Pigalle continues to exemplify the brand’s connection to sports with the Pigalle Basketball Collection. This collection comes after a collaboration with Nike that produced two different versions of the Air Force One, various apparel, a basketball, and…Read More

Pigalle ‘Time Out’ Exhibition in Paris For Nike Collaboration

To celebrate their highly regarded and rare collaboration with sportswear giant Nike, Pigalle and Stéphane Ashpool created an exhibition to showcase various concepts centered around basketball. This was a tale of time passing seen through the eyes of a ‘basketball…Read More

JR Installs Inside Out “Au Panthéon” in Paris’ Panthéon

French artist JR continues his ongoing Inside Out project at Paris’s Panthéon. Now a secular temple, the iconic building contains the remains of distinguished French citizens. Officially called “Au Panthéon,” the exhibition is comprised of hundreds of black-and-white portraits collected…Read More