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Sir. Berus Playlist Interview

Following his first release entitled How To Talk To Girls At Parties, UK-based artist Sir. berus is gearing up to release his next offering from the upcoming project, “Skin”. We caught up with him via a song-only interview where we were given an opportunity to look into the musical influences that shaped him into the artist he is today.

What song or what artist was the first music that you purchased?

Favourite song that you’re convinced none of your friends like?

Song from an artist that you have pirated the most?

Song or artist to help you go the extra mile when exercising?

Song that everyone must play when throwing a house party at midnight

Do you think the perfect song exists? If not, what’s the closest?

Do you pour cereal before your milk or milk before cereal? What if you have no milk?

Cereal first. Putting milk first is weird. It’s easier to judge the displacement of milk if you pour it after you fill your bowl up. If I haven’t got milk? I usually react disproportionally to the situation and start making like, a Continental or Full English breakfast or something.