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Secluded ‘Floating Patio’ House in Tokyo by Yaita and Associates

The objective for this residence in Tokyo, Japan was to make the interior as spacious as possible, while maintaining a secure and secluded look from the outside. In order to achieve this, the architects made the living, dining and kitchen…Read More

KAWS Studio by Wonderwall Inc.

This project is the atelier of a Brooklyn-based artist, KAWS. Unlike the solid, brick facade that blends well into the neighborhood, the interior is a vastly open space. This bright, extensive openness illuminated with toplight is a result of the…Read More

Minimal, Spacious House in Futako-Shinchi by Tato Architects

This minimal house by Japanese studio Tato Architects in Kanagawa, Japan is compromised of three storeys with split levels, often connected with aesthetic steps and step-boxes, often featuring clean white walls, with wooden and concrete floors and accents which deliver a…Read More

Spacious Interior Design Agudela House in Portugal

This beautiful house is a project by Rui Cerqueira Barros architects, located in Lavra Matosinhos, Portugal. Inserted in a predominantly residential area, with strong growth in the last decade, the House of Agudela develops a plot of 350 square meters…Read More

Modern Skycourt House Architecture in Tokyo, Japan

SKYCOURT is an ambitious renovation project that involved transforming a Japan “bubble era” house into a modern home connected to the city and the sunlight. The house is located in a quiet residential area, a couple of blocks away from…Read More

Minimalistic California CORMAC Residence

With a passion for modern architecture and an international understanding of style, the homeowners approached the architects seeking something unique and suitable for their growing family. The home’s quiet street setting gives no indication of the dynamic coastal views accessible…Read More